Trust Yourself and Trust Your Decisions

Making good decisions for you means you have to trust yourself enough to make the right ones.

Many people have struggled with this for years. They second guess and question every big (and sometimes little) decision they’ve ever made. They’ve felt the frustration of knowing they do not trust themselves enough to know that they are making the right choices.

Good Decisions

Most of the time our decisions are good ones. But there are likely a few that we are not particularly proud of, like cutting classes, or staying out way past curfew, or buying a car we knew we couldnít afford just because we wanted it. Oftentimes the bad decisions came from listening to others.

The majority of us are raised with good morals and values. We are taught wrong from right. But we still make bad choices.
So how do we learn to trust ourselves to make the right decisions now?

Here are the steps to use:

* Connect with your inner voice or your gut instinct. To do this you have to turn off all the doubt and confusion in your head. Sit quietly, and focus on quietening your mind. Find that voice inside you that is filled with compassion and respect. Listen to it.

* Avoid connecting with people who weaken your self-trust. These are the ones who use you, or are the naysayers to your dreams. Avoid them whenever possible, especially when you are needing to make an important decision.

* When you make a promise to yourself, keep it. For instance, you might make a commitment to walk every day. If you break that commitment to yourself, youíre destroying your self-trust. If you canít keep promises to yourself, how can you trust yourself to make good decision?

Learn From Your Mistakes

* Talk to yourself like you were talking to a friend or loved one. Be kind. Don’t bash yourself. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake or make a wrong choice and trust yourself enough to make a better choice next time.

* List the times you followed your instincts when everyone told you to do something different and the outcome was favorable. List the times you followed the opinions of others against your instincts and the results werenít favorable. When youíre faced with a big decision, think back to those times you trusted yourself.

* Surround yourself with people who support you and understand you. People who understand you will love and support you in every decision you make. They will help you learn to trust yourself. They will encourage you to listen to yourself and tell that you are the only one who knows what is best for you.

* In the end, just make the decision. You have to let go all the insecurities that are keeping you from taking action. Decisions are made every minute of every day. If you continue to second guess yourself and worry that you are going to make the wrong decision, youíll end up stuck and never get where you want to be. Trusting yourself enough to know you are making the right decisions is how you can move on.

To Your Success!

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Building Small Successes to Stay Motivated

Building on Small Successes Helps You Stay Motivated

Reaching your goals means staying motivated. Along the way you will have successes and difficulties. It can be tempting to give up when you face problems. The key is to continue building on small successes to help you stay motivated.

The smallest success can be all you need to instill action. It’s what gives you a belief in yourself and your ability to succeed. When you face obstacles, look at the small success you’ve achieved so far.

Small Steps to Success

Small Steps to Success

Build Confidence

Often the reason your motivation slacks off is from a lack of confidence. You may be focusing on the big goal. Instead, think of all the smaller successful steps you’ve already taken towards your goal.

Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds. Instead of focusing on how far off that final goal is, look at how you’ve already changed your eating habits, started an exercise routine, and have lost 5 pounds. Looking at these small success creates confidence in your belief you can succeed.

When first starting out, ensure early success with the following steps.

1. Choose activities you know you can do without fail.

2. Gradually increase the difficulty of the tasks so you’re able to achieve them.

3. If you’re new to exercising, for example, then start with a simple fifteen minute walk or do one set of strength training exercises.

4. Later, when you become comfortable, increase the intensity level a little bit.

5. Focus on what you can do each day. The big goal is your guide to where you want to go, but it’s the daily small success steps you take that get you to it.

For example, if your goal is to pay off debt, your daily steps should be to spend less while earning more.

Focusing on the small successes along the way allows you to see results. It builds your confidence to move to the next level, to take a bigger step.

Here are some examples of ways to build on small successes:

  • If you want to lose weight, you move from buying a pedometer to walking 100 steps the first week. Then the next week you walk 150 steps. Each week you increase your steps each week, building on the previous week’s success.
  • If you want to write a book, start with one paragraph a day for a week. Increase your writing the next week to two paragraphs, then a page, increasing your writing time over time until you have finished your book
  • If you want to eat healthier, start by eliminating one unhealthy food each week and adding a healthier version, then the next week replace another unhealthy food with a healthier version, and continue this successful system until you are eating only healthy foods.
  • If you want to be more organized at home or work, start by choosing one area (such as a desk drawer), then begin eliminating one unnecessary thing every few days, eventually getting rid of all clutter. By building on this small success you will have the confidence to organize other areas.

Staying motivated can be difficult when you only look at the big goal at the end of things. A better approach is to build on the small successes you achieve, adding more or harder steps as you gain confidence.

To Your Success!